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RC Scutt Portfolio

12lt Scroll Compressor Receiver (A)
Hermetic Cond Unit Range: unhoused
RCS AC07 ZF18K4E: unhoused
Compak Multi-Compressor Condensing Unit (A)
Compak Multi-Compressor Condensing Unit (B)
Compak Multi-Compressor Condensing Unit (C)
Compak with attenuated housing for remote condenser application
4 bock compressor unit: unhoused
4 x Bock Comp Rec Unit: unhoused
4 x HGX6 1240 4S Compressor Unit: unhoused
Frascold RCS 0.5 4AY: unhoused
Air Water Cooled Hermetic Units: Unhoused
Slimline Medium Condensing Unit
12lt Scroll Compressor Receiver (B)
AC06 Condensing Unit Housing
Bock HGX6 1080 4S Housed Unit
CCH Small Condensing Unit Housing
Multi-Compressor Condensing Unit by Compak (A)
Compak Multi-Compressor Condensing Unit (B)
Compak Multi-Compressor Condensing Unit (C)
Slimline Double Condensing Unit
4 x HGX6 Compressor Unit: unhoused

Bespoke manufacturer, supplier and distributor of commercial refrigeration equipment & associated spare parts.

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